The forest feels the Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid-19)

We are recomposing ourselves to welcome you lover of adventure and nature

Since the isolation caused by coronavirus the forest is empty of people, are the real owners of it, the little remaining indigenous population, ribeirinho spopulation (families living on the banks of the Amazon River) and animals and fish in rivers.

The flora with all its exuberance prepares to show the natural beauty to nature lovers and adventures. This should be the natural reality of the fauna and flora of forests and reserves still existing in the world. It turns out that such beauty cannot be left without people who love this planet cannot be enchanted with such beauty.

Oropendola Rain Forest Tours operations have been stalled since the beginning of this evil that plagues the world. Of course we’re protecting ourselves and wishing you’re well and protected and well.

This situation will end soon and with our travel plans we rely on tourists from all over the world to come here in Brazil to relax from the fateful races for life, in the great world centers to be embraced by the Amazon rainforest.

The forest mourns the loss of their dearest children, the indigenous individuals, who with low natural immunity, did not escape the COVID-19 and were embraced by the forest mother to her beloved breast forever.

In fact, if there is one business segment that has received the greatest impact from the crisis of social isolation motivated by the pandemic, it was tourism operations worldwide. We are confident that world leaders must find a solution to help this segment so that tourism continues to show the most beautiful places in the world for people who need to escape the fateful bustle of major shopping malls during vacations or long holidays.

We at Oropendola Rain Forest Tours have not run away from this rule and are waiting for people’s life to return to normal so that we can present you with one of the most remote and unexplored places on the planet in the 21st century.

While this does not happen the forest is recomposing the least damage caused by nature itself or by the hand of men of bad faith, to be able to open arms and embrace you in some corner of the Amazon Forest in Brazilian territory.

Visit our website and schedule your next holiday trip. The Rain Florest Tours Operator can guarantee that your choice will be for a location where the sequel to this pandemic is hundreds of times below any other location in the world.