A very pleasant and very interesting trip

Negro river and Solimões river, an unforgettable memory

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We have a good variety of travel packages for those who want to know the locations located in the State of Amazonas in Brazil, all packages lead to the forest, and to the largest watershed in the world. If these tips are not a strong reason to opt for one of our packages, we are very sorry, because bringing people from all over the world to know the Amazon Forest is our specialty.

Within our specialties we harvest some pearls from customers sastifeitos with the trip and bring here to convince you to decide when scheduling your trip.

Everything was very well organized. The structure of the boat, the content of the programming, the quality of the food and the professionalism of each crew member have made the our three days and two night tour a very pleasant and very interesting trip.

Since the meeting of the waters, the Ecological Park of Janauarí where we saw monkeys, the walk in Ararí where an indigenous guide showed us medicinal plants, the crossing of Boiussú bay, the Ariaú River in the Anavelhanas archipelago, fishing and focusing on alligators.

It was a very beautiful walk on the Rio Negro and the Solimões River, an unforgettable memory. I recommend, both for young people in search of fun and for adults related to tranquility and landscapes.

Evelyne M – from Trip Advisor Collective